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We, at Inspired Sports specialise in sourcing and supplying top quality golf brands to the Irish market. Our aim is to continually work with our suppliers and retailers, so as to keep them stocked with the most up-to- date and highest quality products on the market.

With this is mind; it is our pleasure to present to you some of the leading manufacturers of golf, sports and leisure apparel and equipment worldwide.

Please feel free to browse our website to view our range of brands we supply, at any stage please contact us with any queries that yu may have.


BIG MAX Golf is the leading European golf trolley/cart brand and the fastest growing golf bag manufacturer with a strong emphasis on waterproof technology.

Founded in 1994 BIG MAX is the pioneer of 3 wheel push trolleys & ultra-compact cart folding technology. Through the best-selling Ti1000 & IQ through to the Fold Flat Blade+, Autofold FF & Blade Quattro, innovation is the BIG MAX DNA.

Big Max Golf is a popular choice among golfers of all abilities. They produce top-quality golf equipment with the use of all of the latest technological advances that golfers will love. With a wealth of experience under their belt, Big Max claims that they are Europe’s number one push trolley brand.


Farah goes way back. Founded in Texas in 1920 it made workwear, so knows a thing or two about well constructed, durable clothing. However Farah was re-born in the UK during the 1970s – such that for half a century now it’s come to be considered quintessentially British. Famous for its slim, sharp, hopsack canvas trousers, Farah played a key part in the style of Mods, Rude Boys, Casuals and the 90s’ indie music scene – each sub culture making our signature Farah F Tab its own. 

At Farah we’re doing all we can to be more sustainable. Our basics collection and many of our fashion lines are now made with 100% certified organic cotton, which has a less harmful impact on the environment. This means zero harmful chemicals and less water usage, reducing our environmental impact. We’ve also removed all unnecessary packaging and wrapping from online orders, and have joined the international Clevercare campaign in labelling our clothing. This helps to inform consumers about how best to launder their clothes as, after all, 30% of the carbon footprint of a piece of clothing comes from the way it’s laundered. This is just the beginning, and we’re committed to continue to move as many styles as possible into more sustainable fabric bases over the coming years. Find out more about our green approach.

It started with a hat. A hat that embodied quality, emotion, and more. Since then, Black Clover has become a global brand with a mission to spread the Live Lucky message.

Sometimes great things happen by chance, and more often than not– greater things happen by choice. When Black Clover began, the vision was rooted in creating a quality headwear piece that was unlike any other hat currently on the market. Started in 2008, the original founders of Black Clover found that the hats currently available to them were dull, unoriginal, and better yet– lacking the quality that they were seeking.

Founded by Eryl Williams in 2001, Asbri was originally a product design consultancy which was commissioned to design sporting footwear, apparel and accessories to many global brands including Puma, Fila, Umbro and Kappa. Utilising this product design, developing and sourcing knowledge, Asbri Golf in was launched in 2003. The brand name “Asbri” is a Welsh word with the translation of “Spirited” or “Vivacious” which we believe captures the whole ethos of our company.

Paul Williams joined the company quickly after the formation of the golf business in 2003 with a clear role of showcasing and selling Eryl’s designs and products through the golf trade. Together, with a passion for the game of golf, our vision was to create a Welsh Golf Company that offered an alternative to the traditional, old fashioned golf accessories that were currently on the market.

Our Proud STUBURT® History – Over 100 Years of Excellence and Sporting Heritage 

Stuburt originated when British shoemaker Ralph Stubbs and his assistant Frederick Burt formed Stubbs and Burt back in 1860. 

With over 100 years experience in quality footwear, the response from golfers all over the world, has been overwhelming. 

1860 – Ralph Stubbs and Frederick Burt formed Stubbs and Burt

1928 –Development of the Stuburt yachting shoe

1946 – Launch of the Stuburt ice skating boots

1966 – Stuburt football boots were worn by the England World Cup squad

1980 –Tony Jacklin wears Stuburt Pro Am shoes

2007 –Launch of the Darren Clarke Classic Collection

2010 – Winner of 2010 US Open was wearing Stuburt shoes

2011 – Darren Clarke wins The Open wearing Stuburt shoes


Designed with enhancing your game in mind, our golf accessories at Zoom Golf will ensure you have a smart, competitive edge on the course. With our new generation of gloves and rangefinders, you’ll get maximum functionality and great design all for an affordable price.

The modern golfer needs the latest equipment to ensure they stay ahead of the curve, bringing together efficiency, convenience and great design all aimed at improving your approach to the game. No-one likes to be unprepared and by using Zoom Golf supplies, you’ll ensure you have a smart advantage. You can spend hours perfecting your swing and technique, but without the latest developments in golf accessories in your possession, even tour golfers will struggle to keep up.

Here at Zoom Golf, we have put many years of dedication behind our golf products, identifying common issues with the most used golf accessories and setting out to create solutions golfers actually want and need. Our approach ensures any choice from the Zoom Golf accessories range is the right one for you. 

MacGregor Golf is a sports equipment manufacturing company based in Albany, Georgia, which specializes in golf. MacGregor currently produces a wide range of golf clubs, bags, and accessories.

The company roots can be traced to 1829, with the establishment of “Dayton Last Company”, a maker of hand-carved wooden lasts for footwear. Adding partners in subsequent decades, current company was officially founded in 1897 as the “Crawford, McGregor & Canby Company”, becoming one of the first American manufacturers of golf clubs – items which also included heavy percentages of wooden components.

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